Hillingdon Hospital

  • Location: Hillingdon
  • Project Type: Refurbishment
  • Sectors: Health

Services supported:
  • Existing cable-ladder and pipe runs
  • Existing condensers, EF and chiller
  • Standard PP3 weather-tight penetration riser
  • New stepovers and roof-level change step-ups
  • New access platform to existing cat ladder position
  • Replacement access platform to plant-room

Roof:  Existing concrete deck roof, to be stripped back and re-roofed with single-ply membrane.

This was a typical re-roofing project where the building owner and architect were confronted with a problem of how to re-roof under existing services. If service runs or units are initially installed too close to the roof, future re-roofing or maintenance becomes very difficult or impossible.

Roof-Pro provided new supports for existing pipe and cable runs, as well as re-supporting an existing theatre chiller and condensers that had to be decommissioned and re-supported before re-roofing could take place. If the original installation had been supported by Roof-Pro systems the re-roofing exercise would have been facilitated without the expensive and inconvenient decommissioning (including crane costs) of the theatre units. An added risk was the age and condition of the existing chiller that once decommissioned; potentially it might not have been able to be re-commissioned.

Difficult weather-proofing details were avoided for the existing pipe runs and condensers, when the pipes were re-supported on our supports.
Once all the services had been re-supported, Roof-Pro provided a new plantroom access step, stepover and roof-level changes to allow safe maintenance access around the roof area.