Roof Service Entry

Weatherproofing penetrations for pipe and cable entry in flat roof plant areas

Roof-Pro risers provide the building team and service engineers a consistent quality solution for necessary penetrative details on flat roofs.

PP-3 and Roof-Nek offer increased assurances that the cable and pipe access points will be efficiently watertight and insulated. The design allows M&E trades easy access to run cable and pipes. Once installed, the building is immediately dry, and following trades can fully access the riser by temporarily removing the lid. The vapour seal should be made at deck level.

PP3 Roof Service Entry

The Roof-Pro PP-3 access riser provides a watertight entry point to run larger cables and pipes into your building. It is the larger of the two riser details and is available in the following sizes.

Standard sizes can be delivered to site next-day: 

  • PP-3 1875: (180mm high x 755mm wide vertical aperture)
  • PP-3 3040: (300mm high x 400mm wide vertical aperture)
  • PP-3 2020: (200mm high x 200mm wide vertical aperture).

Bespoke sizes of PP-3 risers are available upon request.

Roof-Nek Roof Service Entry

The Roof-Nek upstand facilitates the support of small service pipes and cables with a durable easy access design. It ensures small cable and pipe entry points are watertight. Roof-Nek is available in one standard size.

        • The internal diameter of the Roof-Nek is 52mm.

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  • Powder coated aluminium finish for added durability
  • Pre-primed base section for quick installation into waterproofing membrane
  • Cover flashing, deep enough to permit vertical insulation
  • Removable access lid to give clear working access
  • Aluminium pull-out panel, cut without risk of corrosion to services profile for added weather protection
  • Upstand height allows for future waterproofing under services, without the need for costly de-commissioning
  • Protective cowl that projects over vertical aperture for increased weather protection.


  • A spun aluminium base
  • Large area to bond to the waterproofing
  • Detachable lid for ease of access
  • Allows sufficient clearance for future re-roofing under existing services
  • A pipe/cable port plate with knock-out holes

PP-3 Access Riser
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