Ventilation Pipes

Ventilation Outlets for flat roof refurbishment and new build projects

The ProVent is used for the flashing of soil pipes which penetrate the roof construction and the roofing membrane.

The vent pipe cover is a systematic and secure solution that provides both a watertight flashing of the roofing membrane and an airtight extension of the soil pipe above the roof. The Roof-pro ProVent can be supplied for both bituminous and synthetic roofing membranes.

ProVent Ventilation Pipe

Comprises of:
  • Membrane: The type of the integrated bituminous or synthetic foil membrane can be specified for each specific project.

  • Pipe (below the membrane): Stainless steel AISI 3016

  • Pipe (above the membrane): Stainless steel (polished)

  • Flange: Stainless steel AISI 304

  • O-ring: EPDM rubber

Product CodeTo suit vent pipe ODTo suit vent pipe IDPipe diameter (mm)O-ring seal Diameter (mm)
PRO-VENT-EXT-75-SBS 3" 70-79 63 10
PRO-VENT-EXT-110-SBS 4" 98-106 90 10
PRO-VENT-EXT-160-SBS 6" 150-153 145 5