St. Georges University Hospital

  • Location: London
  • Project Type: Refurbishment
  • Sectors: Health

Services supported:
  • New condensers

Roof: Existing roof, but concrete deck had limited additional loading capacity

Roof-Pro were contacted to help solve a support issue where new condensers were to be sited on an existing hospital roof, identified with a concrete deck with limited additional loading capacity.

On a limited number of projects, we are asked to target above specific internal, roof beam/column positions by the project structural engineer. This allows our support bases, and hence base pressures and load reactions to be targeted above more structural parts of the roof.

When ‘lighter-weight’ roof constructions are identified we work closely with the engineer to make sure their loading parameters are met with our free-standing support frames. We will provide pressure and point-load calculations, including specific CAD drawings for the project engineer’s approval.

As with all our support solutions this allows a more flexible and simple installation, avoiding any difficult roof detailing, opening up of roof constructions, and potential downtime of the building.