Project Data Centre

  • Location: Bournemouth
  • Project Type: New Build
  • Sectors: Commercial

Services Supported:
  • 4 no. 7000kg chillers
  • 2 banks of high-level dry air coolers
  • 3 air blast coolers
  • combined duct, pipe and cable-ladder runs
  • high level, access walkways and stepovers
  • chiller unit access platforms

Roof: Inverted roof construction with concrete deck designed to 7.5kN/m2

A key benefit of Roof-Pro systems was its flexibility to accommodate late design changes in the units and their positions. On this project it allowed the main contractor Interserve, to water-proof the building and finish the roof area, ahead of the final design decisions on the M&E layout and equipment. Our non-penetrative supports were then used to support all the required services, including two banks of dry air coolers at high level, with associated access walkways for ongoing maintenance access. This allowed the main build schedule to proceed without any delays, and avoided complicated coordination issues for traditional upstand supports.

Our design team provided detailed CAD drawings and load management calculations for project team approval prior to fabrication.
After the main installations were complete, Roof-Pro also designed and fabricated bespoke access stepovers and unit platforms around the plant area to provide safe access routes across the service runs.