Pipe and Duct Supports

Secure and stable support solutions for all types of pipe and ductwork runs

We provide support solutions for the following types of building services runs, tailored to individual project requirements:

  • Pipework Runs
  • Ductwork Runs
  • Combined Services Runs

Pipe & Duct Supports

Roof-Pro offers a range of support systems, suitable for all sizes and types of pipe and ductwork runs.  Our pre-fabricated and galvanised supports save considerable time on-site for the installation team, enabling them to support building services runs quicker and much more efficiently.

Key issues of wind stability and load management must be considered therefore Roof-Pro's expert Design Team take these into account when compiling the correct support recommendations for the project.

Small and Medium Pipe and Duct Supports
The TAB-P and TAB-D product ranges are suitable for the support of small and medium pipes and ducts.  

Large Pipe and Ductwork Runs
Roof-Pro DPK and POD support systems should be used for larger support requirements.

Multi-service Runs
Pipe and Duct Bracketry, as well as additional bracing to supports, can be provided by Roof-Pro as and when required.

For multi-service runs (e.g. duct, pipe and cables), we can design bespoke supports that provide the most cost-effective and co-ordinated solution for your project.

  • Technical Support
  • Technical Downloads
  • Projects
  • Suitable for all sizes and types of pipe and ductwork runs
  • Standard and bespoke support solutions are available
  • Wind calculations and load management are always taken into account
  • Roof-Pro’s Design Team will recommend the most cost-effective support solution
  • Galvanised supports provide the optimum levels of strength and stability
  • Pre-fabricated, like all Roof-Pro supports, to save you time and improve efficiency on-site.
Roof-Pro Duct Supports
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