Flashing (Non-Lead)

ProFlash is a lead free, polyethylene flashing

ProFlash can be used in areas where traditional lead flashing would be used such as chimney and abutment flashings, around rooflights and pitched valley linings. ProFlash can also be used to form a damp proof course and cavity trays in masonry walls.

ProFlash is made from a modified polyethylene compound with an integral aluminium mesh reinforcement, enabling the product to be worked and formed in the same way as lead.

The product is faced with a fine black mineral.


ProFlash can be cut using a sharp heavy duty knife or metal cutters and formed using the same methods as for traditional lead flashings. If required, stainless steel nails can be used to fix ProFlash back to a structure. Standard fixing clips can be used to secure ProFlash into a pointing gap, enabling the product to be secured firmly to allow dressing down onto the roof covering. To provide additional restraint in areas of high exposure, bituminous mastic should be applied in a continuous bead and pressed down to seal.

Bituminous mastic can also be used to fill the pointing gap in brickwork and masonry, minimising any mortar cracking or water penetration and ensuring a flexible, long-lasting joint.

All overlaps in ProFlash must be sealed with a continuous bead of bituminous mastic.

  • Key Features
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  • Can be used in areas where lead flashing is traditionally used.
  • Can be worked and formed in the same way as lead.
  • Significantly lighter than lead flashing making it easier to handle.
  • Expansion area has high level of elasticity that bridges three-dimensional movement
  • Rapid installation.
  • Cost effective, with no scrap or re-sale value.
  • Non toxic material.
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