Range Summary

The Sure-Foot range of standard roof plant and services support products meet the growing demand for off-the-shelf, lightweight support solutions.

The range includes components, support frames and edge protection systems.

For more information, please contact the Sure-Foot Sales Manager

Sure-Foot Components

The Sure-Foot Components range forms part of a cost-effective, non-penetrative support solution for roof plant, access and services. Compatible with a standard 41x41mm strut, Sure-Foot Components provide versatile solutions that reduce complex, costly and time-consuming detailing.

Sure-Foot H Frame Supports

Sure-Foot H Frames are a simple solution, ideal for use with ductwork, pipework and cable trays. Depending on project requirements, complete H Frames or H Frame Kits (H Props) can be supplied.

Sure-Foot Modular Frame Supports

Sure-Foot standard modular frames provide effective support solutions for various types of roof plant. Sure-Foot long span modular frames are suitable for the support of larger and wider building services units.

Sure-Foot Edge Protection

Sure-Foot Guardrail is available in 4 compatible systems which are suited to particular roof edge conditions. Each Guardrail system is designed to be compatible for use with other system types in the range and are of modular design for ease of specification.

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