A standard range of non-penetrative building services support solutions

The Sure-Foot Components range forms part of a cost-effective, non-penetrative support solution for roof plant, access and services.

Compatible with a standard 41x41mm strut, Sure-Foot Components provide versatile solutions that reduce complex, costly and time-consuming detailing.

Base Only

  • The simplest Sure-Foot support option
  • Compatible with 41x41mm strut
  • Enables contractors to create their own bespoke support solutions
  • Base comes complete with a 4mm bonded rubber mat
Product CodeDescriptionBase Size
SF300-B Base Only 300mm
SF450-B Base Only 450mm

Base and Leg

  • A complete leg assembly
  • Facilitates adjustment between a target height range of 260-390mm
  • As with the Base Only, a 4mm bonded rubber mat is included
Product CodeDescriptionBase Size
SF300-BL Complete - Base and Leg 300mm
SF450-BL Complete - Base and Leg 450mm

Click Foot

  • A versatile product that forms a bespoke services support solution
  • Connects together in increments of 250mm 
  • Dimensions - 180x250mm
Product CodeDescriptionBase Size
SF-CF-250 Click Foot 250mm

Roof Block

  • Recycled rubber supports
  • Used for pipes, ducts and cables
  • A simple and cost effective solution
Product CodeDescriptionLengthDimensions (HxW)Max Loading (kg)Weight (kg)
SF-RB-0250 Roof Block - 250 250mm 100 x 183mm 160 per foot 2.9 (Ave)
SF-RB-0250L Roof Block - 250L 250mm 50 x 132mm 160 per foot 1.5
SF-RB-0400 Roof Block - 400 400mm 100 x 183mm 240 per foot 4.65
SF-RB-0400L Roof Block - 400L 400mm 50 x 132mm 240 per foot 2.46
SF-RB-0500 Roof Block - 500 520mm 80 x 160mm 400 per foot 4.75
SF-RB-0600 Roof Block - 600 600mm 100 x 225mm 450 per foot 8.15
SF-RB-1000 Roof Block - 1000 1000mm 100 x 183mm 645 per foot 13.5