Penetration Sealants

Sealants for flat roof penetrations

PocketPro is used for sealing flat roof penetrations that are particularly challenging. 

PocketPro is manufactured from polyurethane elastomer, which absorbs stress and remains flexible. The PocketPro can be assembled on site and should be filled with a solvent-free multi-use sealer, making it watertight within minutes. 

PocketPro is available as a pre-formed product, kit form or as individual components. It's quick and easy to install, saving time and money.

PocketPro Complete Sections

The PocketPro is available as pre-formed elements for simple site assembly prior to being filled with the PocketPro liquid.
Product codeInternal dimension (mm)To suit pipe diameters (mm)
PP-100 100 0-60
PP-150 150 0-110
PP-200 200 0-160
Minimum 20mm of sealer between penetration and inside of PocketPro

PocketPro Sections

PocketPro is available as individual sections, perfect for sealing irregular shaped or difficult to detail penetrations.
Product codeDescription
PP-IC Inside Corner
PP-OC Outside Corner
PP-S-150 Straight 150mm
PP-S-250 Straight 250mm
PP-S-300 Straight 300mm

PocketPro Components and Tools

PocketPro liquid is a fast setting, solvent-free multi-use flexible sealant. Suitable for use with all Alumasc Roofing waterproofing systems. The PocketPro jug and whisk help with quick and efficient installation.
Product codeDescription

Derbitech Seal Stick

310ml Cartridge

Apply with skeleton gun to bond PocketPro to roof surface, seal the tongue and groove joint, and interface between pipe or penetration and existing roof surface

PocketPro Liquid

Part A 3.86 kg/3420ml

Pour contents of part B into part A. Thoroughly mix for 3-5 minutes using the PocketPro whisk with a drill

Part B 1.28 kg/1030ml


Jug for dispensing liquid


Whisk for mechanically mixing two components

PocketPro Kits

The PocketPro kits come in 3 sizes and each include 8 PocketPro outside corners and 8 PocketPro straight corners.
Product codeDescription
PPK-150 8 x PP-OC, 8 x PP-S-150
PPK-250 8 x PP-OC, 8 x PP-S-250
PPK-300 8 x PP-OC, 8 x PP-S-300